Cloud Development Platform



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Who We Are

ODCORE established in Israel international technology company.

Our Labs serving customers around the globe.

We set the highest goals, chose the most complex technologies and their implementation.

Approaching this with care, with evaluation and rationality.

We are developing B2B software solutions for highly loaded and GEO-spreaed systems
wich allows for our customers save money and most importantly,

save their time, set the more highest financial goals and reach it faster.

Money Time

Breaking down barriers
of emerging technologies

What We Do

ODCORE present the powerful Cloud Development Platform,

With additional functionality only a cloud applications can give you.

It enables you to code and collaborate no matter where you are and what device you are working on.

No need to install and configure multiple necessary tools.

Despite the extensive functionality, the Platform today has a simple and understandable WEB interface.
It allows build and release the projects and application as from a simple constructor.

Included Development tools for cloud-native solutions. New projects see significant savings when building on or migrating to cloud-native architecture on Clouds. Our simple approaces, secure, reliable solutions for new services with 99.99% availability reduces cost and increases operational efficiency.

It allows solve your business problems with our industry solutions in the development, incorporating the newest technology, ideas, and features, containers and microservices, and go from code to production in record time.

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